16 September 2016

Miguel Proença grew up in Porto, Portugal, where he currently lives. His work primarily focus on long-term documentary projects relating questions of identity through an exploration of social transformations occurred along the peripheral landscape. He graduated with a BA in Audiovisual Communication Technology from the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and also studied at Portuguese Institute of Photography. His work has been published and exhibited internationally. In 2015 Miguel co-founded COLECTIVO, an experimental and research platform dedicated to documentary.



2009-2011 BA Audiovisual Communication Technology, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal
2007-2009 Professional Photography, Portuguese Institute of Photography, Portugal


2011 Los Agarradores, FNAC Galleria, Florence, Italy
2011 Los Agarradores, FNAC Galleria, Torino, Italy
2010 Los Agarradores, FNAC Cascais, Portugal
2010 Los Agarradores, FNAC Madeira, Funchal, Portugal
2010 Los Agarradores, FNAC Gaia, Portugal
2009 Los Agarradores, FNAC Matosinhos, Portugal


2015 “The Thin Line” Encontros da Imagem Photography Festival, Braga, Portugal
2015 “The Thin Line” Outono Fotografico Photography Festival, Ourense, Spain
2014 Der Greif “A Process” Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Augsburg, Germany
2013 Ena Rola Filma “These Are Young People” Galerija Skrinja, Maribor, Slovenia
2012 Prémio Estação Imagem, Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon, Portugal
2012 Prémio Estação Imagem, CPF, Porto, Portugal
2011 Projeto 11 DAI ESMAE, CPF, Porto, Portugal


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2016 International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention, Editorial
2016 International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention, Architecture
2015 VSCO Artist Initiative Grant
2012 Estação Imagem: Prémio de Fotojornalismo, 1st Prize Daily Life
2009 Novos Talentos FNAC, Honorable Mention


2014 Bienal de Cerveira Foundation, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal