7 September 2018

“The Buzzer” was selected by Verity Adriana for the latest Photograd Spotlight.

“The Buzzer” was selected by ⁦⁦Alicia Hart for SOURCE Magazine Graduate Photography 2018.

“The Buzzer” is among the best submissions of the British Journal of Photography commission to investigate fracking in the UK.

16 September 2016

COLECTIVO’s ongoing project “Thin Line” is featured on CNN.

“Sala de Fiestas” is featured on Ain’t Bad Magazine.

Fast Company commissioned me to shoot “Wi-fi on Wheels” for the May issue.


“Behind The Hill” is published on OjodePez Magazine #36, as one of the best portfolios at Descubrimientos Photo España 2013.

Behind The Hill features Conscientious with some nice words by Jörg M. Colberg: “It’s hard to pick just one photograph from Miguel Proenca’s Behind the Hill, but I figured this one would do. Faith and superstition (or rather their remnants) in the modern world.”